Akon Dinle - Akon Müzikleri Dinle

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Now tell me have you ever looked off in the distance
And seen the mac aimin at your head mayne (head mayne)
Before you know it life is flashin reminiscin
And your body is drippin and full of lead mayn (lead mayne)
I done been there (uh-huh) I done copped that (uh-huh)
It ain’t never been a question I’m bout that (uh-huh)
Don’t go there (uh-huh) you get clapped at (uh-huh)
And if you plan to f@#k around and re-route that (uh-huh)
You’ll never catch me ridin around on these streets
Without a couple metal pieces under my feet
Fully automatic weapons unloaded will unleash
Stash up under the carpet like a can of sea breeze
50 don’t make me ride on these niggaz (ay)
Cause I will kill, dip and hide on these niggaz (ohhhh)
50 don’t make me ride on these niggaz (ay)
Cause I be long gone like the ripper, so

Akon ReGGaeton Remix by DJ4Kat by TriCk-G

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